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At Bright Hope 

We rejoice in the gift of each precious life.  We support parents with education and resources, and we honor their autonomy and responsibility through informed decision-making.  We place a high value on nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices, and we collaborate with some of the best pregnancy and birth-related providers in the area.  We are never in a rush during your appointment, allowing plenty of time for your questions, conversation, and a cup of tea.  We look to the author of life for wisdom, guidance and strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

Jessica Borges

Serving Kootenai County
and Surrounding Areas

What we offer

Birth Packages

What a joy to collaborate with other specialized providers in our
community to bring the best possible care for the families we serve.

Some of the standard features of care at Bright Hope Midwifery include:

  • A full course of prenatal care: 1 visit per month until 28 weeks, 2 visits per month until 36 weeks, and weekly visits until 42 weeks or delivery
  • Postpartum care for mom and baby through 6 weeks postpartum
  • All routine lab work for mom and baby
  • Lactation services with a certified Lactation Consultant 
  • An initial chiropractic visit
  • 20-week anatomy ultrasound
  • An initial visit with a pelvic floor physical therapist
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Childbirth education classes
  • Referrals and collaboration with other providers as needed

Bright Hope Midwifery Package  – $5600

Bright Hope Midwifery Package for first time parents or primary VBACS –  $6400

*This package includes doula services and an 8 week  Bradley Childbirth education class

Offering Homebirth & Birthcenter Options

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About The Midwife

Hi, I’m Jessica.

I began studying midwifery in 2003.  I completed an apprenticeship with Dayspring Midwifery and earned my CPM certification in 2006.  After working as a midwife for several years, I took an extended break to focus on raising my children.  I returned to midwifery in 2020, serving as a team member of Dayspring Midwifery.  In the fall of 2023, I opened Bright Hope Midwifery.   I have found motherhood to be one of my life’s greatest passions and joys, and I consider it an honor and privilege to serve women as they walk through the journey of pregnancy and birth.  With a focus on low-volume, personalized care that prioritizes education and collaboration with other providers, my goal is for the mothers of Bright Hope Midwifery to become equipped and empowered to thrive in pregnancy and into motherhood.  

A few other things about me… I love to spend time with my husband and children.  I have so much fun homeschooling my children, and I love being involved with the local homeschool community.  Reading, baking, being outside in nature, and enjoying a cup of tea make me happy.

Contact Me

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